'A Better Approach' consultancy was started by our Director, Chris Seal in 2007.

Chris was a qualified pharmacist before joining the Royal Air Force as a pilot. He flew propeller, jet and turbo-prop aircraft and served in Africa, Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. He now works in civil aviation. He has been an aircraft commander, a Hercules C130 squadron flight commander, a qualified flying instructor, an instrument-flying examiner and a civilian and military Crew Resource Management (CRM) instructor and facilitator. He has used his experiences and qualifications to formulate 'A Better Approach'.

'A Better Approach' uses many facets of Crew Resource Management (CRM) - training for which is manadated by the Civil Aviation Authority for pilots and cabin crew and soon for engineers and air traffic controllers.

Use of CRM is being studied in the National Health Service as a valuable tool to improve safety within UK healthcare.

However, we believe that 'A Better Approach' is not just applicable to aviation, healthcare and other safety-conscious sectors but that it can bring rewards to anyone who has to deal with people on a daily basis...

....that is, EVERYONE!




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